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Doç. Dr. Suncem Koçer 

Dr. Suncem Koçer Ph.D., has been working as a prelector in Koç University Media and Visual Arts Department. She has completed her Ph.D. at Indiana University, where she double majored in Communication&Culture and Anthropology departments. Her current research topics at the intersection of communication and anthropology disciplines focus on the subjects of political communication, news culture, digital media discourses, and misinformation. Some of the classes she has lectured on are Media Research Methods, Media Policies and Politics, Media Anthropology, News Culture, Key Concepts in Social Sciences, Effective Speaking, and Communication Campaigns.

Aside from her academic work,  as a practitioner in the media field, Dr. Kocer has worked on two documentaries as a co-producer,  she has acted as an editor and presentera between the years 2011 and 2016 on television programs as well as written weekly columns in the newspaper "Evrensel" in 2015 and 2016.


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M. Burak Atasever

He continues his PhD study in the Design, Technology, and Society program at KOÇ University. He took his undergraduate degree in the Department of Philosophy at METU and his graduate degree in the Department of Philosophy at MSGSU. He continues to study in the fields of art and political philosophy, technology, artificial intelligence, media, and design. Within InfodemiLab, he contributes to literature review, data collection and analysis, ethnographic research, scholarly publications and communication activities.

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Fatma Sever

Fatma Sever is an M.A. student and teaching assistant in Security Studies at TOBB University of Economics and Technology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Eskisehir Osmangazi University. Her current research interests include overlapping regionalism, and security governance studies. Within InfodemiLab, she contributes to literature review, survey design, data collection and analysis.

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Mehmet Aykut Erk

He is about to complete his doctoral education at Çukurova University, Department of Forensic Sciences. He completed his undergraduate education in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling and his master's degree in the Department of Addiction. Her research interests include violent behavior, forensic cyber psychology, cyber behavior and cyber violence. In the InfodemiLab team, he contributes to the literature review, data collection and analysis, ethnographic research, and team communication.

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Berru Perdahcı

She continues her master's education at Çukurova University, Communication Studies.  She completed her undergraduate education at Çukurova University, Department of Psychology. She continues her studies on media psychology, game engagement and addiction, digital games, user experience, digital game culture and communities.

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Bahadır Öz

Communication Scientist/Psychologist conducting research about Intercultural Communication, Occupational Ethics, Communication Psychology. After graduating from Kadir Has University Department of Public Relations and Information and Department of Psychology, he has started to work as a PrLab Coordinator in the same institution. He has been continuing in Kadir Has University’s Communication Sciences Masters Program.

Gülten portre.jpeg

Gülten Okçuoğlu

She conducts research about online hate speech, online social interventionism, and opposing speech strategies (?). After graduating from Kadir Has University Department of Economy, she completed her Masters in the same university’s Communication Sciences Program and in Torino University’s Faculty of Culture, Politics, and Society. She continues to work as a Communication Coordinator in NGO. 

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